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Setup. Players form a circle with a 20m radius, use 1 ball per 5 players. Same amount of players as there are balls start in the middle, all balls start on the outside of the circle. Step 1. (A) handballs to the feet of (B) who is front and square to (A) and calling for the ball, (A) then sprints into the centre to where (B) is. Step 2.

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1 AFL Warm Up Kicking Drills AFL Warm Up Kicking Drills. 1.1 Kick to Forward Options. 1.2 4-on-4 Inside 50. 2 AFL Warm Up Handball Drills AFL Warm Up Handball Drills. 2.1 Circle Tag Goalkicking. 2.2 Sprint, Suck It In, Kick a Goal. 3 AFL Warm Up Goalkicking Drills AFL Warm Up Goalkicking Drills. 3.1 Crumbing Circle.

afl handball drills at Coach Assist

This drill begins with the cones 30m apart. Step 1. (A) runs and kicks to (B) who leads for the ball. This drill is done at 3/4 pace. Senior players should land on their kicking foot after executing the kick. Step 2. (B) marks, runs and kicks to (C) Step 3. Lengthen the distance first to 45m, then to 60m.

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Simple Warm Up Drills Lines: Notes: Form two lines of about ten players, standing side by side, facing each other. Practice hand balling and short kicks back and forth. Move farther apart as the level of accuracy increases. Vary the activity by alternating in angles working the ball down the line. Start a second ball in the line if

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Step 1. One player goes solo, in this case (A), who handballs to (B). As the ball is in flight towards (B), (C) handball to (A) who must take a reflex catch. Step 2. As (A) returns the handball to (C), (B) handballs to (A) who must take a reflex catch. Step 3.

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Muhammad Adib Bin Adam (2017640928) 4CMuhammad Ariff Iskandar Bin Mohd Rosdi (2017641072) 4Cwarm up 1. slow jogging2. high kick3. shoulder stretch4. zig zag ...

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Start the clock and run this drill for 3 minutes, taking note of how many times the ball hits the ground. Drill 5 – Agility / Lead / Kick. In the drill there are two players, Player A and player B. You will also need four cones/markers. Set up a diamond with the markers and if possible they can be different colors.

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Injury Prevention, Warm Up Strength & Conditioning for AFL Players Joey Hayes M. Ex Sci, B. Bus, CSCS www.injoewetrust.com.au 2 Main Roles

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Time Drill Focus Minutes Equipment Teaching Points 4pm Warm up Get players warm, thinking about football. 15 mins Cones Forwards and Backwards running. Lateral agility movement. 4.30pm Full ground Ball movement from defence to attack. 20 mins Cones/Balls Kicking technique over 20m. Marking at the highest point. 4.50pm Warm down Warm down and give feedback.